Toddler vs. The World Toy Rage Coaster

- Toddler vs. The World Toy Review Rage Coaster
- Unique and original design by us
- Handmade by us in Yorkshire, UK
- Super shiny and glossy finish
- Heat resistant
- Wipeable
- Super cute!

Being the proud parents of a three year old and one year old, we have plenty of experience of the trials and tribulations that our boys go through on a daily basis. Being a toddler can be an intense and turbulent place to live. Our Toddler vs. The World series reflects on life from the toddlers point of view. Next time your toddler is having a meltdown, this coaster might just help you to understand why!

All our coasters have been exclusively designed and hand pressed by us here in Haworth and measure approximately 9cm x 9cm. Our coasters are all heat resistant, super wipeable and glossy. They are all hard backed.

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