Flamingo Pink Glass Chopping Board

- Pink Flamingo design - handmade glass cutting / chopping board
- Unique and original design painted by us
- Handmade by us in Yorkshire, UK
- Tough tempered rough glass
- Heat resistant
- Wipeable
- Pink background 

We really love flamingos, it’s impossible not to love the beautiful colours in their feathers. Katie’s decided to see how a flock of rainbow flamingos would look - here’s the result. Katie originally handsketched the design before adding acrylic paints and using professional coloured pencils for the reflection. The pink background was added digitally to make them really stand out. 

All our glass cutting boards have been exclusively designed and hand pressed by us here in Haworth and measure approximately 28cm length x 20cm wide. Our cutting boards are all heat resistant, super wipeable and tough enough to withstand your daily kitchen tasks.

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