Meet Carol.

January 25, 2020

Meet Carol.

In today’s blog post we would like to introduce you to another member of our fabulous team. This one is written by Carol, our longest serving team member. Read her blog here:

“Write a bit about yourself” Katie said.

Eeek, really? How very uncomfortable. No-one likes doing that, do they...but here goes (swallows hard).....

I think there's a bit of a financial services theme within the Lighthouse Lane team – I worked for over 30 years in that sector, ending up as Customer Services Manager in a huge contact centre. That sounds so boring as I write it but I’m part of a generation who tended to stay put. The more you progress, the more you get tied in. You approach the end of your career and think “ how did that happen exactly?” In stark contrast to the movers and shakers of today I observe. That's why I admire what Katie and Howard have done with their life.

Anyway, as luck would have it I got the fabulous opportunity to take early retirement at just turned 50 and I grabbed it and went for it! From Leeds I moved to Stanbury moorside up on them there Pennine hills for a bit of the good life. I took the dog and the husband (in that order of priority, obvs!)

What an adventure! The views were stunning over the valley.It was wild and beautiful in summer, wilder and beautiful in winter but with the addition of Pennine gales, dog-walking knee deep in mud and horizontal hail! I learned much about LPG, getting water via a bore-hole, how to run your AGA without having to take out a second mortgage, keeping rats out of the chicken coop and how to create some semblance of a garden without plantings being razed to the ground by rabbits! When we moved in there was quite a bit to do on the house for the first couple of years. Then I got, how can I put it? Ah yes....bored. I missed people and I missed having a purpose. It was time to re-evaluate.

So, I answered an advert on Facebook for 3 months maternity cover at Lighthouse Lane in Haworth when Katie was expecting her youngest. I wanted something different, nothing to do with big corporates, something fulfilling, something local and something which put me in touch with people. In Haworth, yes, the beacon of light as you come down from the moors! I love it and what an opportunity to work in such a special village and in such a special shop surrounded by beautiful artwork and giftware.

Surprisingly Katie and Howard asked me to stay on permanently – that was almost 3 years ago. I've seen the business grow with the Skipton shop opening in 2019 and a burgeoning Online offering too. I moved to Eldwick recently and was so pleased to find a home nearby to allow me to stay working here. I'm fiercely loyal and so admire Katie and Howard for what they have built. I love being in Hawarth, being part of the community in a place with such character and history. And then the events....1940s weekend, Steampunk, Christmas etc etc. Brilliantly busy, fun and offering a chance to go crazy on the dressing up! Haworth does events so very well.

A little more about me:

In addition to the dog and the husband I have 2 adult children and 3 adult stepsons. They're all gorgeous of course!

I love nature - I'm a bit of an anorak and always go walking with my pocket books on wildflowers and UK birds! Isn’t nature amazing!

I'm musical. I was trained classically vocally and have sung everything from Opera to Rock in this country and overseas.

I had some poetry published many moons ago.

I enjoy Yoga, being at an age where I need to stay flexible. I try!

I love my garden and get pathetically excited watching Gardeners World Monty Don, what a guy!

I've travelled pretty extensively and hope to continue those adventures.

I'm an utter foody in every way – making or made for me - just eating, really.

I'm rather partial to a glass of red wine.

So, that's me. Proud to be working in Haworth with a great team across both shops, love you guys. Proud to support this lovely business. Proud to have been part of the ‘early years' of Lighthouse Lane and to now see such growth and success.Proud to see how Katie's art style has evolved – how wonderful to be able to track her creative journey.

And, last but not least, delighted every day I work to be able to meet such lovely customers. Every purchase has a story and I love a natter and to hear about these.

I work Wednesdays and Saturdays so pop in for a chat and see the beautiful artwork and giftware in our light, bright and cheerful shop. I look forward to meeting you..


Carol x