Meet one of our team - Pam!

January 14, 2020

Meet one of our team - Pam!

This week, we decided it would be great for you to meet one of our team of five. Here's a blog post written by Pamela who works in our Skipton shop and Haworth every week.

Over to Pam:


So, how did I come to be working in the lovely Lighthouse Lane shops in Skipton and Haworth?

Katie and Howard are friends of mine and i have been really proud to see their success with the shop in Haworth over the past 4 years.  When I heard the good news that they were expanding to a second shop in Skipton....i sent my CV off straight away!

Katie and i used to work together in banking and we often painted at my kitchen table in the evenings. So a love and appreciation of art was just one incentive to be part of their team. 

I am the Scottish member of the team ...originally from Aberdeen in the North of Scotland.   After a 30 year career in banking in Yorkshire - I decided to start another chapter in life.  As painting is my main passion  - I wanted to take time to focus on that and also pursue my other interests of walking...writing...reading...travelling.  

So apart from walking in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside - sketching as I go - I attend a monthly Writing Group.... read avidly....have travelled in Spain....France....Canary Islands...Austria.. Greek Islands....and closer to home – explored the Orkney Islands in the north and Cornwall in the south.

I have always sketched from being quite small - but it was when my son went to University in London around 10 years ago...that i started attending a Saturday Art class with celebrated Yorkshire Sculptor and Fine Artist Jamie Frost in Holmfirth. There I learned to paint in oils ...and then my passion really took off! 

I like to sketch and paint a variety of subjects eg portraits.. touched with lovely colours you might not expect! But my very favourite subject to paint are landscapes ....again alive with colour. A favourite of mine is this painting of Ring of Brodgar standing stones on the Orkney Islands.

I also find attending art courses....collaborating with other artists and creating commissioned artworks is helping my artwork progress and develop. My ambition one day is to study for an Open University Art Degree. Always good to have a goal to work towards! 

So now I have a lovely job three days a week too..... what's it like to work with Katie, Howard and the team in the Lighthouse Lane shops in Skipton and Haworth? Well honestly as jobs go ...its the icing on the cake for me! To work with Katie and Howard's lovely artwork and gifts in such lovely surroundings and be part of two lovely communities is a joy!

Katie and Howard are great to work with and trust me to work on my own and use my initiative.  My focus when working in the bank was always on customer service and so I enjoy the chance to have a friendly chat to our customers  - always happy to give advice on frames and colours if asked. As anyone who knows me, in true Scottish style...I enjoy a good natter! The fact that I love the prints and gifts we stock - I was a customer of Lighthouse Lane, Haworth before I became an employee - is a bonus and makes my job fun and rewarding.

When the Skipton shop opened it felt good to  be part of a new venture and I am enjoying watching our customer base grow and the shop become ever more popular. 

Do pop in and say hello and take a look at our lovely selection of prints and gifts.

Pamela xx