Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

March 10, 2019

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s coming round to that time of year again when we give our mum’s an extra squeeze and maybe even let her have that little bit of time for some well earned rest and relaxation. I know that we sometimes ask the question as to whether a specific day to recognise our mums is entirely necessary, however, as the mum of two small people, I can genuinely say that it does feel a bit special having a dedicated day to be spoilt and to say thank you to our own mums too.

Many of our designs have been created with family in mind, as we know just how important family is. We’ve put together a few ideas for Mother’s Day gifts – click the link to see the collection. Don’t forget that this is just a taster and we can quite often personalise items with names or a message, to make the gift that extra bit special.

Here’s a quick rundown of the thought process behind some of our gifts that mums might like:

Penguin Family design – After having our second little boy, I wanted to design a beautiful and simple black and white sketch that showed the unity of family. When our little boy was tiny at 6 weeks old, he became quite ill with a virus and I ended up spending a week in hospital with him whilst the NHS worked their wonderful magic. I sketched the penguin family whilst there so it’ll always be special for us. He’s now a perfectly robust and bouncy two year old, and the penguin family design is available as a print, cushion, coaster, chopping board and placemat.

Giraffe Mum and Baby and Rhino Mum and Baby – I sketched out these African animal designs whilst pregnant and feeling very maternal with my second child. They were beautiful images to work on at that time as they really encapsulated how I was feeling. They’re now available in different colours as prints, cushions, coasters, chopping boards and placemats.

Toddler vs The World - This series of quirky little characters was based entirely on our experiences of raising our funny, lovely, cute, terribly overly emotional and melodramatic first child as a toddler. Toddlers are exhausting but magical and I’m sure they’re just out for world domination! This series is available as prints, mugs and coasters.

Alpaca Gin and Alpaca Prosseco – For the mum driven to drink rather than rocking politely in a corner, these alpaca designs are perfect. They were inspired by a visit to a petting farm and the puns just started flowing. Alpaca Prosseco was the first pun to appear – I’m not sure why but sometimes you can’t question these things and just enjoy the madness. Available as coasters and tote bags.

Happy Mother’s Day y’all!

Katie x